Takes One To Know One

When Eleanor and Lucas meet in Rome, the chemistry is electric. With a shared passion for art, Italy and each other, it looks like the start of something life-changing. The biggest hitch: they are both in relationships with other people. 

While finalizing wedding plans with her New York-based fiancé Noah, playwright Eleanor finds herself distracted by Lucas, a handsome free-wheeling British sculptor with a side-gig as a tour guide in Rome. Struggling with writer’s block, Eleanor is swept up by his carefree attitude to life. Meanwhile, Lucas is also looking for escapism; he’s been struggling to make it as an artist in Rome for 10 years and is in a relationship with the no-nonsense Chiara, who wants him to get a ‘proper’ job. 

When Lucas follows Eleanor on a last-minute trip to Naples the sexual tension becomes impossible to resist, but after discovering their mutual dishonesty, they find themselves at a crossroads and have to decide whether to take the ultimate leap. 

A twist on the real-time getaway romance of classics like BEFORE SUNRISE, TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE is a sexy, relatable love story that captures the spark of attraction between two people who accidentally find something they didn’t realise they were looking for. 


Nathalie Biancheri


Gail Egan, Claude Dal Farra and Brian Keady, Olivia Cooke


Brooke Baker


Oliva Cooke, Jamie Bell