It has been said that when it comes to film we have great taste and that we’re good at recognising film ideas with commercial and critical potential. It’s not easy to define what that taste is, except to say that compelling and distinctive story-telling is the key to everything we do.

With offices in Los Angeles and London, our global partners rely on us to curate a steady stream of international films of enduring quality. Through our ability to adapt to evolving business models we stay focused on maximizing the world-wide sales value through tailored sales and distribution to studios, digital platforms and independent distributors.

We live and breath film. Our whole team are film fans with an insatiable curiosity for unique story-telling. We celebrate and encourage the increasingly diverse nature of film from authored, intimate film-making to the commercial wide-release but always with a view to distinct voices and compelling subject.

The Cornerstone team has over 25 years of experience as buyers, sellers and producers of film. We work collaboratively with film-makers, producers, financiers and distributors across the life cycle of each film. We’re open, accessible and always willing to engage with our partners to ensure that what we curate, produce and sell is of the highest quality and has the best opportunity for success. It’s something we are proud of because we truly believe in what we do.

Co-Presidents: Alison Thompson & Mark Gooder

Sales and Marketing

Carla Quarto di Palo Director, International Sales cq@cornerstonefilm.com

David Charles Director, International Sales dc@cornerstonefilm.com

Joanne Michael Director of Marketing jm@cornerstonefilm.com

MJ Vuillermet Sales Assistant mjv@cornerstonefilm.com

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