Laura and Tyler have been flatmates and best friends for 10 years, marauding around the streets of Dublin, rejecting the expectations that bombard modern women and acting purely on desire. For Tyler, this is the best version of life, even with the inevitable hangovers, but when Laura’s (younger) sister Jean gets pregnant… on purpose… Laura panics. Should she still be partying into her mid-thirties? And where has her supposed talent as an aspiring writer got her, apart from notebooks full of scribbles?

In an inky-dark bar she meets rising-star pianist Jim, who falls for Laura’s wit and passionate atittude to life, and the two soon become engaged. Inspired – or maybe intimidated – by teetotaler Jim’s commitment to his work, Laura knuckles down to finish the novel she’s been writing for a decade.

Tyler, however, is convinced that marriage is the wrong thing for Laura and that her literary success depends on a life of excess, adventure and – crucially – variety… starting with the devilishly handsome Marty. As Laura tries to balance these precarious pieces of her life, she only makes things worse. Can she really have it all? Or is her life of debauchery with Tyler ruining her attempts to create something meaningful? As Laura struggles to come to grips with what it is that she really wants, she begins to realise that living a life for herself might mean leaving someone else behind.






Sophie Hyde


Emma Jane Unsworth


Sarah Brocklehurst, Rebecca Summerton, Cormac Fox, Sophie Hyde


Holliday Grainger, Alia Shawkat

Based on

Emma Jane Unsworth's acclaimed novel


Comedy Drama


1hr 49mins

Country of Origin

Australia, Ireland

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