Beast of War

A band of soldiers stranded in the open ocean must face a heart-pounding battle for survival against the ultimate apex predator.

1942. A warship carries hundreds of Australian soldiers across the Timor Sea to the frontline of WW2. Suddenly, Japanese fighter jets scream out of the sky, and within minutes the ocean becomes a hell of steel, fire, oil and blood.

With the vessel destroyed, a handful of soldiers build a makeshift raft from floating debris as they cling to their lives. Tensions run high between the hot-headed and terrified young men, as they band together in an effort to survive. But their biggest battle is yet to come. In the dark below, a great white shark hunts in the wreckage and is drawn to the smell of fresh blood in the water. Heroes will emerge and bad blood will rise to surface, as these soldiers do whatever it takes to survive a war with an apex predator.


Blake Northfield, Chris Brown

Writer and Director

Kiah Roache-Turner


Survival, Action, Thriller

Creature VFX

Paul Trefry