The Iceman

Jeff Pope’s inspiring and moving true story The Iceman. The film stars celebrated actor Joseph Fiennes as prolific and larger-than-life extreme athlete Wim Hof, whose life’s work has inspired millions and have changed how people think and talk about health and healing.

As a widower who worked as a postman and struggled to support his four children, Wim turned to the cold and breathing to find peace and strength. Locals would discover Wim delivering their letters with bare feet in the dead of the Netherlands winter, or swimming alone in ice-cold lakes. The pain forced Wim to focus, and to breathe. It wasn’t long before Wim’s seemingly superhuman abilities were discovered, and his private ritual became an overnight sensation, leading him to be known as THE ICEMAN, and changing the Hof family’s lives forever.


Jeff Pope


Debbie Gray, Joseph Fiennes


Joseph Fiennes

Based on the real life of wellbeing icon

Wim Hof


Inspirational Drama, Comedy